Tableture in powertab and guitarPro format

This page contains a few ukulele tunes in the marvelous powertab and GuitarPro format. To open these files you need to have the program installed on your computer. Though designed for guitarists they work just as well for the players of the humble uke.
Powertab is completely free, music files are tiny and once you get the hassles of the download sorted it is an imminently sensible and useful program. It is a perfect format for swapping tunes and arranging and writing your own, as it also has a play-back feature, for no extra cost. GuitarPro is not free, but can be opened using Tux editor (below) though you lose some of the formatting.
So, to hell with the expense, pop on down to harmony central , click the download on the left of the page and go for it. Powertab won’t run on a mac- however Tux guitar editor ( is a free program which will open and run powertab in all its midi glory, though you lose some of the benefits of the powertab.
Once again the disclaimer is that these tunes are our own work, never intending to sound exactly like the original, which in many cases we never bothered to listen to. And because of the limitations of the programs, go for the chord diagrams rather than the chord name when there's confusion or apparent conflict between the two.
If you are struggling to find the chord diagrams in powertab, don't panic as they appear automatically across the top of the page when you print the music.

After You've Gone - Creamer and Layton, 1918, with harmony.

Albatross - Moody 1960s instrumental by Fleetwood Mac
Always Take the Weather with You - Crowded House. Just the melody and lyrics. GuitarPro
Ave Maria- melody, arpeggio and chords
Ayatollah Harmony - by the Members. An instrumental. GuitarPro
Bat Man - the Link Wray version. GuitarPro
Benny Hill theme - corny music to bit at the end of the TV show.
Better Be Home Soon - Crowded House. Melody and lyrics. GuitarPro
Black Adder - Rough approximation- chords and melody. Now theme from Black Adder 4.
Blackbird- by the Beatles. Finger style. See performance notes. Version with lyrics here.
Bliss Uke - Muse. Bass, melody, chords. A Tux guitar file. Arranged by Elvis Shawly 
Blue Smoke - Historically significant NZ tune-melody, chords and lyrics.
Blues in C - simple blues riff split in 2 parts for tab practice.
Brain Damage - by Pink Floyd off Dark Side of the Moon. Finger style. See performance notes.
The British Grenadier  - trad. Chords and melody
Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones. Nice chord changes.
The Can Can - French. You know the one. Involves an easy and a hard part.
Claudelands Bridge Waltz - by Graeme. Exotically East European.
Canon in C- Pechelbel. Arpeggio, melody and harmony.
Carmen- aka "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle"', from Bizet's Carmen. In 3 parts plus chords. The 4th 
                    important wobbly part is a separate powertab.
Cavatina- John Williams, from the movie The Deer Hunter. In 2 parts, melody and arpeggio, the latter 
                   quite challenging.
Choo Choo Cha Boogie- Louis Jordan. ‘40s and ‘50s big band
Comanche - Groovy surf tune, I think from Pulp Fiction, and if not, it should have been.
Crazy Little Thing Called Love- you know the one. This version shorter without extra lead part. 
Crush - Instrumental by Te Pahu's own Adam Fulton. Melody, bass and harmony
Embarque Dans Ma Valise- by Thomas Fersen.
Egyptian Reggae- Jonathan Richman, from late '70s
The Entertainer - Scott Joplin. Also arpeggio and harmony part.
Fever - by Peggy Lee, in one key, or with key changes. Lyrics, chords, and bass line tabbed for uke
For Lisa - Brian Setzer arrangement of Fur Elise: melody and chords. Version with harder jazz chords.
Forty Pound Float - Irish/ Scottish trad medley.
Funky Town- basic themes. Bass and uke. This is for Shane, 7 year-old ukulele student
Funeral March - famous one by Chopin, for group and solo. Adapted from Lepticidou tab site.
Fur Elise- same key as the jazz version. Very playable.
Garry Owen - Trad.Irish/Scottish.
Girl- exotic little tune by the Beatles in tab plus chords
Going Home - Exceptionally nice tune by Mark Knopfler, arpeggio and melody.
Golden Brown- The Stranglers complex punk era classic
Gratte-Dos- by Thomas Fersen
Here Comes the Sun- Beatles. Several parts
House of the Rising Sun - No explanation needed. Chords, melody and arpeggios.
Hall of the Mountain King - taken directly from the music. The bass is taken from orchestra score and 
                                                     gets a bit over-excited.
Hiphopopotamus - basic riffs to Flight of Concord tune. Definitely only any use  if you know song.
Home Sickness - by Shostakovich. Melody from Balalaika sheet music. Guessed chords and rhythm

Hot Rod Lincoln - corny song off Solid Gold Hits Volume 7, or thereabouts. Riff, chords, bass. Simplified.
I Only Have Eyes for You - The Flamingoes?
Irish Rover - Trad. Irish, as done by Pogues
Istanbul - (...not Constantinople). Melody and chords.
Jim's Canny Tune - East European sound made in Te Pahu, NZ
La Bamba - also in  G. 
Les Papillons  - by Thomas Fersen. Chords and picking.
Light my Fire - The Doors. Simplified somewhat. Missing last verse with different melody.
The Last Time- basic riff and melody of Rolling Stones tune.
Lucy in the Sky - Beatles. Melody, chords, lyrics. GuitarPro file. 
Les Papillons- intro to song by Thomas Fersen
Little Brown Jug  - simple tune, arranged and sent by Andy Knowles
Loro - ambient piece by Pinback. Arpeggio, melody, bass and harmony
Lullaby - trad one for playing to kiddies. Very rough guesstimation
Malaguena - simple but famous old Spanish tune.
The Man Who Sold The World - by David Bowie and then Nirvana. Lyrics, chords, melody.
March -By Purcell, as featured in Clockwork Orange.
Midnight in Moscow - chords, melody, words. A great Russian sounding little toon. Same tune in E minor
                                    Also solo version sent by Shireen Mohandes
Midnight Cowboy - as done by Faith No More. Chords, rhythm, bass, melody.
Misirlou - slow version of the Dick Dale surf tune
Mission Impossible - major themes tabbed for a younger student. In two parts
Monsieur - by Thomas Fersen. For 2 ukes, with chords and pluckin’
Moroccan Noodles - Mediterranean food related instrumental by Jim
Nada- Eastern European flavour. Tab, rhythm, chords and bass. 
No Surprises - Radiohead, in 3 parts: melody, arpeggio and tabbed chords.
Paper Doll- another oldie, by the Mills Brothers. Now with key and tempo change.Chords, tab and lyrics.
Planet Claire - B52's. A rough approximation. Good for learning tab reading.
Power of Gospel- key themes from the Ben Harper song.
Punaise- by Thomas Fersen. Some lyrics and all the chords.
Raggle Taggle Gypsies - trad., chords and melody
Reflection - Depressing, go no-where instrumental by The Cure. For two slightly unhappy uke players.  
Rocky Road to Dublin- an Irish/Scottish traditional medley with Cock 'O the North.
Russian Sailors Dance Medley - featuring basic melody by Gliere, plus two other tunes in medley.
Sakura -Traditional Japanese tune custom made for 3 ukes.
Stairway to Heaven - chords, arpeggio and bass. Version with lead available here at no extra cost.
Start Me Up - rolling Stones. chords and some lyrics
Stop Stop Stop- by the Hollies. Three  chords, melody.

Suicide is Painless- the theme from TV series Mash. Chords, melody and a smidgeon of harmony.
Summer of 69 - by Bryan Adams. Chords and tab.

Superstition- Stevie Wonder. Bass line written for uke, melody and one brass line. Also in original key.

Sweet George - great accordion tune by David Wells.
Tango Baroquita- as it says, a tango. Chords and melody. By J.D. Carey.
Tears in Heaven- you know the one, by Eric Clapton. For one ukulele, with some lyrics.
Tell Her Tonight - by Franz Ferdinand.  Chords, bass, lyrics and different version with melody.
Tequilla Sunrise - by the Eagles. Chords, lyrics and melody.
Throw Your Arms around Me - Hunters and Collectors, in original key. Rough approximation only.
Thunderstruck - Moroccan version of AC/DC song. Still uses the original guitar riffs
Time in a Bottle - schmaltzy love tune by Jim Croce. For 3 ukes and all parts tabbed; no chord strumming in 
                            this one.
Time is Tight- groovy instrumental by Booker T and the MGs
Turban Shell Polka - Great claw hammer style tune from Gontiti. Chords, arpeggio and melody.
Underneath The Bunker - by REM, but that’s ok because it is an instrumental. Tangoesque.
Valse d'Amelie- by Yann Tiersen. From movie Amelie. Beautiful piano and accordion piece that this ukulele
                         version becomes nowhere near doing justice. A rough approximation of a couple of themes
Victoria - simple lines from Dance Exponents tune from early ‘80s.
Volare - as sung by Dean Martin. Melody, chords.
Walk Don't Run- surf tune, as only vaguely remembered. 
Walkie Talkie Man - Tune by New Zealnd band Steriogram. Melody and bass.
Walking my baby back home- an oldie butta goodie
White Ginger - very approximate version of '20s style tune by Gontiti.
Wipe Out - iconic surf tune by the Surfaris. Chords and melody.,%20chords%20and%20bass.ptbpowertab_files/Start%20Me%20Up.ptbpowertab_files/Stop%20stop%20stop.ptbpowertab_files/Theme%20from%20Mash.ptbpowertab_files/Summer%20of%2069.ptbpowertab_files/Superstition.ptbpowertab_files/Superstition%20original%20key.ptbpowertab_files/sweet%20george.ptbpowertab_files/Tango%20Baroquita.ptbpowertab_files/tears%20in%20heaven.ptbpowertab_files/Tell%20her%20tonight%20no%20melody.ptbpowertab_files/Tell%20her%20tonight.ptbpowertab_files/Tequilla%20Sunrise.ptbpowertab_files/throw_your_arms_around_me.ptbpowertab_files/thunder%20tab.ptbpowertab_files/time-in-a-bot.ptbpowertab_files/booker%20T.ptbpowertab_files/Turban%20shell%20polka.ptbpowertab_files/Underneath%20The%20Bunker.ptbpowertab_files/Valse%20d%27Amelie%20solo.ptbpowertab_files/Victoria.ptbpowertab_files/Volare.ptbpowertab_files/Walk%20don%27t%20run.ptbpowertab_files/walkie%20talkie%20man.ptbpowertab_files/walking%20my%20baby%20back%20home.ptbpowertab_files/White%20Ginger%20jazzy%20chords.ptbpowertab_files/Wipe%20Out%20workshop.ptbshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3shapeimage_1_link_4shapeimage_1_link_5shapeimage_1_link_6shapeimage_1_link_7shapeimage_1_link_8shapeimage_1_link_9shapeimage_1_link_10shapeimage_1_link_11shapeimage_1_link_12shapeimage_1_link_13shapeimage_1_link_14shapeimage_1_link_15shapeimage_1_link_16shapeimage_1_link_17shapeimage_1_link_18shapeimage_1_link_19shapeimage_1_link_20shapeimage_1_link_21shapeimage_1_link_22shapeimage_1_link_23shapeimage_1_link_24shapeimage_1_link_25shapeimage_1_link_26shapeimage_1_link_27shapeimage_1_link_28shapeimage_1_link_29shapeimage_1_link_30shapeimage_1_link_31shapeimage_1_link_32shapeimage_1_link_33shapeimage_1_link_34shapeimage_1_link_35shapeimage_1_link_36shapeimage_1_link_37shapeimage_1_link_38shapeimage_1_link_39shapeimage_1_link_40shapeimage_1_link_41shapeimage_1_link_42shapeimage_1_link_43shapeimage_1_link_44shapeimage_1_link_45shapeimage_1_link_46shapeimage_1_link_47shapeimage_1_link_48shapeimage_1_link_49shapeimage_1_link_50shapeimage_1_link_51shapeimage_1_link_52shapeimage_1_link_53shapeimage_1_link_54shapeimage_1_link_55shapeimage_1_link_56shapeimage_1_link_57shapeimage_1_link_58shapeimage_1_link_59shapeimage_1_link_60shapeimage_1_link_61shapeimage_1_link_62shapeimage_1_link_63shapeimage_1_link_64shapeimage_1_link_65shapeimage_1_link_66shapeimage_1_link_67shapeimage_1_link_68shapeimage_1_link_69shapeimage_1_link_70shapeimage_1_link_71shapeimage_1_link_72shapeimage_1_link_73shapeimage_1_link_74shapeimage_1_link_75shapeimage_1_link_76shapeimage_1_link_77shapeimage_1_link_78shapeimage_1_link_79shapeimage_1_link_80shapeimage_1_link_81shapeimage_1_link_82shapeimage_1_link_83shapeimage_1_link_84shapeimage_1_link_85shapeimage_1_link_86shapeimage_1_link_87shapeimage_1_link_88shapeimage_1_link_89shapeimage_1_link_90shapeimage_1_link_91shapeimage_1_link_92shapeimage_1_link_93shapeimage_1_link_94shapeimage_1_link_95shapeimage_1_link_96shapeimage_1_link_97shapeimage_1_link_98shapeimage_1_link_99shapeimage_1_link_100shapeimage_1_link_101shapeimage_1_link_102shapeimage_1_link_103shapeimage_1_link_104shapeimage_1_link_105shapeimage_1_link_106shapeimage_1_link_107shapeimage_1_link_108shapeimage_1_link_109shapeimage_1_link_110shapeimage_1_link_111shapeimage_1_link_112shapeimage_1_link_113shapeimage_1_link_114shapeimage_1_link_115shapeimage_1_link_116shapeimage_1_link_117shapeimage_1_link_118shapeimage_1_link_119shapeimage_1_link_120