Jabberwocky Goes to Town
                                                    Track listing
Everything Stops For Tea 
Suckers Swing 
You're 16
The Bicycle Wreck 
Istanbul Not Constantinople 
Dream A Little Dream Of Me 
Who walks in when I walk out 
Dream a Little Dream of Me- punk version
The Wind
Le Cocaine
Triumph Trident 
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now 
Jimmy B. Goode
This rough-hewn, do-it-yourself debut album was originally pressed on vinyl in 1987. 
It was our first proper recording venture and as such remarkable for the impressive series of expensive and embarrassing stuff-ups it involved.
Recorded in a half-round hay barn on a hippie commune up the Coromandel, we tried to stick to the authentic live instrumentation and arrangement- ukulele, tea-chest bass, drums and silly gadgets only. Guaranteed no six stringed instruments or electronic sculduggery.
Only 501 copies were ever pressed- a relief for the 4 of us involved as each cover had to be individually cut out, glued and coloured by hand.
They were on sale only at gigs as we toured our idiotic way around NZ in our atrociously expensive and unreliable old CF Bedford van. To our great surprise and relief the records sold out immediately. Our recurring fear had been that after the warm fuzzy memory of our show had dulled, the records would eventually turn up in the 'reduced to clear bins'. Not so. They have recently been spotted selling for $40, over 3 times the original $12 price, which goes to prove it is indeed a funny world.
The CD of Jabberwocky Goes To Town has been re-mastered from the original 2 track tape, though it remains pretty much unchanged. As was the trend back then vinyl records had recorded material on both sides. This CD doesn't. However, should you buy this CD, to achieve the full vinyl experience, STOP the CD playing after track 8, remove the disc, flip it around a few times, put it back in as before, and carry on listening from track 9.

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