Ukulele Tablature in Pdf format
These tunes were created by different people in our little group for differing purposes, using a variety of different programs and over the space of nearly 2 decades. Consequently the quality and style are quite variable–they are as such individual interpretations and arrangements, which may or may not be similar to existing versions, and are designed to be played by learners of the ukulele. There may be errors in the odd one–that’s all part of the story. Many of the songs were requested by our students, so it is an eclectic array.
Some are simple arrangements for personal amusement to be sung and strummed and some are arranged as instrumentals for several ukulele players. None of the arrangements are specifically for solo uke playing; in fact we have taken the other approach of breaking tricky versions into simple parts so that they can be used in group situations. At times the chord name appears at odds with the diagrams–this is due to the programs which generated the tab needing to be more fastidious about chord nomenclature than is reasonable. In all cases go with the diagram.
Some of the later tabs are made using Guitar Pro 6. A glitch in this program means the pdfs look a bit blurry on screen. However, when printed out they are very clear. Nothing we can do about that sorry.
Some tabs below are also to be found elsewhere in Powertab and GuitarPro, a more sophisticated and rewarding format.
So help yourself. It is all free for your use. 

A Team - Ed Sheeran. Chords and lyrics
A Life that's Good - a request from TV series ‘Nashville’. The short version. Country, finger style.
Abdul and Cleopatra - Jonathon Richman. Melody, lyrics and chords. A rough approximation
Across The Universe - The Beatles. Chords melody, lyrics- suitable for solo version. Also version with just
                                    chords and lyrics
After you've gone- Gus Kahn: uke tab melody, chords and lyrics. Version with harmony line
Ain't Misbehavin'  - by Fats Waller. Chords, lyrics and melody. Also  solo version with chords and melody 
Albatross- Fleetwood Mac: instrumental, chords and melody in tab
All about that Bass - Meghan Trainor. Simple 3 chords.
All blues- Ubiquitous Miles Davis tune. 12 bar in 6/8 - melody, harmony, chords
Always Take the Weather with You - Crowded House. Tab, chords, lyrics. Moderately easy
Always something there to remind me- Burt Baccarach: simple though interesting chords and lyrics
Anyone Else But You- Moldy Peaches. Just chords and lyrics. Very simple. From movie Juno
Anytime - Mavis Staples. Lyrics an some chords as interpreted by us.
Apache- As possibly done by the Shadows, transcribed after 20 year gap in hearing the original. Chords and
April Sun in Cuba - by Dragon. Chords and lyrics. Iconic tune that will only make sense to NZers
Ask me no Questions - Wendy McNeil. Chords and lyrics
Autumn leaves- Uke tab melody, chords and lyrics
Ave Maria- Melody, arpeggio and chords
Ayatollah Harmony- A groovy Shadowsesque ska instrumental by the Members. Slightly easier in Dm or Gm
Baby it's Cold Outside - Tom Jones (easier chords). Proper chords here.  Original key here.
Baby You’re a Gun - Tami Nielsen. Chords and lyrics
Back in the USSR - The Beatles. Chords, lyrics and tab for riff.
Backyard - The Good Lovelies. In a much easier key.
Bad moon rising- CCR: Chords and lyrics only. Very easy
Bag's Groove- Milt Jackson. Funky riff based 12 bar - melody, chords
Ballad of John and Yoko -The Beatles. Chords, lyrics and tab for riffs
Band of Gold - ultimate wedding night jilting song, by Freda Payne. Chords and lyrics
Bang Bang- the Cher version. Also slightly harder one here
Bat Man- Link Wray TV theme. Slightly harder version here
Be My Baby - The Ronettes. With lyrics and chords
Beat It - Michael Jackson. Simple tune, with chords and lyrics. Also with riff
Because the Night - Patti Smith. chords and lyrics
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon- from blend of old sheet music and live recordings. Slightly different chords here
Benny Hill Theme- Yes very silly but you never know when it might come in handy
Better Be Home Soon - Crowded House. Moderately easy. Chords, tab and melody
Black Adder- TV theme - an intro and outro. Chords, melody, lyrics. Also series 4 theme
Black Betty- Leadbelly version. One chord, tab and some lyrics. Simpler version here
Black Magic Woman- Peter Green: chords and lyrics only. Not too challenging
Blackbird- fingerstyle version of Beatles tune. Chords and tab- for one player only
Blackbird II - same fingerstyle version of Beatles tune but also with lyrics
Bliss Uke- Muse. Chords in tab. Arranged and submitted by Samuel Shawly
Blister in the Sun - simple tune by Violent Femmes. Chords, lyrics, small amount of tab
Blowin' in the Wind - As done by Peter, Paul and Mary. Pretty basic tune - chords and lyrics
Blue Bayou -Simple 4 chords. Melody, harmony, lyrics and chords. Compact version here
Blue Smoke- One of first ever recorded New Zealand tunes. Melody, lyrics, chords and harmony
Blues in C - Simple blues based on Miles Davis All Blues. Simple lines for tab practice
(The) Boat that I Row - Neil Diamond and Lulu. Chords and lyrics
Bohemian Rhapsody - abridged C&W version of Queen classic. For audio on Soundcloud, try here
Bookends Theme- Simon and Garfunkel. No real chords- a solo piece. Tab and lyrics
Born to be Wild- by Steppenwolf.
Bostik 5-0 - East European surf instrumental.
Bourree- The one by JS Bach. This is the melody line. Bass line played on uke  is here
Boys Don't Cry- cheerful tune by the Cure. Chords, lyrics and riff
Brain Damage - clawhammer style version of Pink Floyd tune. Chords, tab and lyrics
Bring Me Sunshine - as done by Morecombe and Wise. Chords, tab and lyrics
The British Grenadier- Trad. Melody and chords
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison. Chords, lyrics, and intro tab. Also in C here
Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones. Chords and some lyrics. Fun to play. Easier version here
Calypso - by Spiderbait. Chords, lyrics and some tab
The Can Can- uke tab melody, harmony and chords
Canon in C- Pachelbel. The whole thing: Arpeggio, melody and harmony. All 10 pages worth. Also separate 
                    melody, harmony and arpeggio parts

Car Sickness - by Igor Sarkastakovic. Slow dirge-like Ukestan ballad
Caravan -1980‘s version by NZ group Six Volts, lyrics updated by us. Also with melody and chords
Carmen-  Habanera from the opera. In 3 parts: the high wobbly bit, the harmony and arpeggio
Cars- Gary Numan. Basic themes: riffs, chords and lyrics
Casting On- by Mr Roberelli, a fine song about knitting. Now also in D for the female voice
Cavatina- Classic by John Williams, and theme to the Deer Hunter. In 2 parts, melody and arpeggio
(Le) Chat Botte - Thomas Fersen. Lyrics, chords and some tab
Cheek to Cheek - by Fred Astaire etc. Chords, melody and lyrics
Chesdale Cheese - the ad from 1970s’ Tv in NZ. Chords and lyrics. On page with another ad.
Chick Habit -Rockabilly, by April March and then Hillbilly Moon Explosion. Chords, lyrics, riffs
Chiquitita- by Abba. Chords and lyrics
Choocho Cha boogie- Louis Jordan: Jaunty little 12 bar number. Chords, melody and brass harmony line
Claudelands Bridge Waltz - by Graeme. Exotically East European instrumental. With proper ending here
Coconut Grove - as heard whistled by someone. Don’t know who it’s by. Chords and melody
Comanche- Surf tune: uke tab melody and chords
Come on Eileen- Dexy’s Midnight Runners.Tab melody and chords. All the major parts, more or less. Simpler        
                            version minus the melody tab here  
Comin' Home Baby - Mel Torme. Chords and lyrics (backing and lead)
Copacabana - Bary Manilow. Chords and lyrics (semitone down from original key)               
Coronation Street - the 1960s version, or near enough to it. Chords and melody
Could You be Loved- Bob Marley. Chords and lyrics
Country Calendar/Dog Show - theme music to TVNZ programs. Sort of anyway
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - by Queen. Simplified version without solo. Lyrics, chords and melody
Creep - by Radiohead. Chords and lyrics
Creepin' in - Dolly Parton & Nora Jones. Chords and lyrics. Easier key here in A
The Cup Song - Anna Kendrick
Crush- Beautiful 2 part instrumental by Adam Fulton. Check out the powertab version to get idea 
Darktown Strutter's Ball- 1920s. Written from original sheet music. Also version with key change 
Day Tripper - Beatles. Chords, lyrics and riff. Also in better key for uke with bass G string. 
Dead and Gone - Rockabilly tune by The Reckless Ones
Dear John - the portion from the TV ad in 1980s for BASF tapes. Chords and lyrics. Shares page with another
Death Cab for Cutie - by Bonzo Dog Doodah Band. From a Beatles movie
Dedicated Follower of Fashion - The Kinks. Chords and lyrics. Very easy
Delilah - Tom Jones, chords and lyrics
Desafinado - Jobim. Chords and melody. Also, another version more appropriate to solo playing.
Devil Gate Drive - Glam classic by Suzi Quatro
Divorce Song - by Liz Phair. Chords and lyrics. Timing is tricky but only two patterns for whole song.
Do it Again - Eli Paperboy Reed version of Steely Dan’s classic
Dr Jazz - Roughly based on Bob Brozman version. Simple melody, lyrics and chords
Don't Fence Me In - Bing Crosby etc. Chords, melody and lyrics
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood - original Nina Simone version. Chords and lyrics
Don't Stand so Close to Me - by The Police. Chords and lyrics only - a simplified version.
Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin. Same 4 chords and lyrics. Easier key here
Don't You Want Me Baby  - Human League. Chords, lyrics and small amount of tab
Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc. Chords and lyrics. Easier version with no key change here                                                         
Dream a Little Dream- As remembered done by someone other than Mama Cass. Nice chords and melody

Egyptian Reggae- Cheeky Jonathan Richman instrumental from the ‘70s. Simpler easier to read version and 
                            easier key here       
El Condor Pasa- Trad. South American redone by Simon and Garfunkel. Chords, melody and harmony in tab
El Dorado.pdf- Jangoesque tune by 17 Hippies. Chords, lyrics, tab.
Embarque Dans Ma Valise- by Thomas Fersen. Chords and solo uke parts
Enola Gay - OMD. Chords, lyrics and riffs. Dead simple.
The Entertainer- S.Joplin: Chords, melody and harmonies for 4 ukes. Here are just the melody, harmony and
                        arpeggio parts.
Erica- Beautiful tune by Gontiti from movie Nobody Knows. Only a vague approximation
Everybody Hurts - REM. Chords, lyrics and arpeggio
Everyone's a Winner - Hot Chocolate. Chords, lyrics and riff
Everything's Going To Be Alright - Baby Sitters Club. Chords and lyrics
Exes and Ohs - Elle King. Chords and lyrics.
Fake Plastic Trees- by Radiohead. Rough themes, some lyrics and tab. Nice ambient style chords
Fever - by Peggy Lee, in one key, or with key changes. Lyrics, chords, and bass line tabbed for uke
Feeling Good- Nina Simone tune- this version by Muse. Chords and lyrics
500 Miles - Proclaimers. Lyrics and chords. Also shorter 1 page version of 500 Miles.
Fiji Baby - by Goodshirt. Chords, tab, lead and lyrics
Finland - Monty Python. Words and chords.
Fire - Pointer Sisters. Chords and lyrics
The Fishin’ Hole- Everitt Sloane. Theme to the Andy Griffith Show. Chords and lyrics
Flowers on the Wall- Statler Bros, with lyrics, tab, chords. With harmony and as instrumental only
Fly me to the Moon - chords, melody. Can be played as solo piece.
For Lisa- Brian Setzer jazz version of Fur Elise. Very simple chords. Slightly harder one here 
For Lisa- As above but with some more demanding chords. Simpler jazz and the extended version .
                Click here for very short video of For Lisa with uke and bass
Forty Pound Float medley- Trad Irish/Scottish: 3 tunes run together as medley
Found Harmonium - great instrumental by Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Chords and one quite involved 
                                 melody line
Four- Miles Davis - melody, chords
Four Seasons in One Day- Crowded House. Chords, tab and lyrics. Quite easy
Free Fallin' - Tom Petty. Same 4 chords repeated, with lyrics
Friend is a Four Letter Word - Cake. Chords and lyrics
Funeral March - the stereotypical one, by Chopin. In 3 simple parts, or as solo. Arrangement by Lepticidou 
Funnel of Love - Ancient rockabilly by Wanda Jackson
Fur Elise- Famous tune by old dead bloke: chords, melody and other part in tab. In Am and easy to play.
Garry Owen- Trad. Irish/Scottish: melody and chords
Georgia- Uke tab melody, chords and lyrics
Girl- Beatles: exotic little tune in tab plus chords
Girl You'll be a Woman Soon - Neil Diamond. Chords and lyrics only
Girl from Ipanema- That famous 1960s latin tune- words, chords and rough melody.
Give a Little Bit. - by Supertramp. Lyrics and great chords. Another nice key here.
Golden Brown- Stranglers tunes from the late 70s or early 80s. Two chord lines, one melody in difficult key
Golden Retriever - Miss Li. Chords and lyrics
Gone Daddy Gone- Early Violent Femmes. Tab, chords lyrics.
Gratte-Dos- by Thomas Fersen. Chords and some lyrics plus noodly bit 
Growing Mould- Ha the Unclear. Odd wee song from Dunedin band. Easier version here
The Gumboot song - the Fred Dagg version. Lyrics and chords. A more compact 1 page version here
Haere Mai- New Zealand classic. Chords, melody and lyrics in simple key.
Hamilton - Chris Thompson song, as performed by BMSB
Happy Together - in Dm. Lyrics, chords, melody. Also in Cm
Hard Days Night- The Beatles. Chords, melody and lyrics
Hawaiian Heatwaves - Bob Brozman. For slide ukulele. Version with chords only 
He Wasn't There - vintage sounding tune by Lily Allen. chords and lyrics
Heart of Glass - Blondie. Chords, lyrics, small amount of tab.
Hello I Love You- The Doors. Chords, lyrics. Tab to bass riff for choruses.
Helter Skelter - The Beatles. Chords, lyrics and riffs
Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles: melody, chords and occasional harmony. Some unusual timing, beware.
Hernandos Hideaway.pdf- Melody, lyrics, and chords. A tango.
He's Gonna Marry Me- Dolly Parton. Fairly easy, chords and lyrics.
Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix. Chords and lyrics.
High and Dry- By Radiohead. Few lyrics and the Intro, verse, chorus theme with melody.
High Heeled Sneakers - Tommy Tucker. Blues. Lyrics and chords. Also in E major
Himinez - East European sounding tune made here in sunny Te Pahu at half the cost
Honky Tonk Woman- Rolling Stones. Chords, melody, lyrics. Easy.
Hoochie Koochie Henry- silly fake Hawaiian tune. Chords and lyrics
Horse with no Name- by America. Only 2 chords, plus lyrics. Fairly minimal
Hot Love- T Rex. Easy glam rock
Hot Rod Lincoln- by Commander Cody. Riff and chords. Simplified and with no lyrics
Hound Dog - Elvis. Chords and melody. On shared tab with Move it on Over, by George Thorogood
Hotel California - the Eagles. Chords, lyrics and rough intro tab
House of the Rising Sun - In Am. Arpeggio and melody
Home Sickness - by Shostakovich. Melody from Balalaika sheet music. Guessed chords, as we’ve never 
                              heard the original.  
How Insensitive - Jobim. Chords and melody in tab. Also another version more appropriate to solo playing
Hula Girl- by R.Crumb. Chords and lyrics 
Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran. Chords and lyrics.
I Am Weary      - The Cox Family. Three chords, tab and lyrics                       
I Only Have Eyes for You- Done by a host of people; a schmaltzy jazz/pop tune from way back.
I Walk the Line- Johnny Cash. Lyrics and chords
I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor/ Cake. Chords, lyrics, melody tab
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now- Version by Shel Silverstein. Chords and lyrics
If I Had Words - theme to Babe, by Fitzgerald and Keeley. Chords and lyrics only
Iko iko - chords, lyrics, tab. Very easy.  Also version without tab
I'll Be Your Mirror - Velvet Underground. Chords, melody and lyrics
I'll Follow You into the Dark- Death Cab for Cutie. Chords and lyrics
I'll Fly Away- from movie ‘Oh Brother, where art thou?’. Melody, chords and lyrics.
I'll See You in My Dreams - Joe Brown. Easy version here
I'm a Believer- Neil Diamond: lyrics, instrumental line and chords
I'm Gonna Haunt You - Fabienne Delsol. Chords, lyrics, riffs and solo.
I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter-  Chords, tabbed melody and lyrics. Easily turned into a 
                                                                                    solo piece.

I'm Yours- Jason Mraz. Chords, lyrics and a little simplified tab
In Hell I'll Be in Good Company - Dead South. Lyrics, chords, some pretend banjo tab
In my Garden- By Wendy Baker from Te Pahu
In my Life - A very nice Beatles tune. Melody, chords and lyrics
In the Beautiful Tomorrow - Beth Rowley. Chords and lyrics
In the Dark of the Matinee - by Franz Ferdinand. Chords, lyrics, riff tab. Easier key here
In the Hall of the Mountain King- Grieg. Melody and chords. Melody surprisingly achievable.
In the Jailhouse Now- Soggy Bottom Boys: uke tab melody, chords and lyrics. As featured in movie 'Oh 
                                        Brother where Art Thou?'
In the Pines - two versions: Leadbelly and Louvin Brothers
In the Summertime - by Mongo Gerry. Chords, lyrics and riff tab.
The Irish Rover- as done by the Pogues, with chords, lyrics, melody. Version without lyrics here
The Israelites - Desmond Dekker. Chords, lyrics, riff in tab. In orginal key, A.
Is She Really Going out with Him - Joe Jackson. 80’s tune. Melody, chords and lyrics
Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby- Louis Jordan. ‘A woman is a creature that has always been strange’
Istanbul - (...not Constantinople). Melody and chords.
Itsy Bitsy - 1960s bubblegum hit done as by russian band. Chords, lyrics and some tab
It Had To Be You- Uke tab melody, chords and lyrics
Jackson - June and Johnny Cash. Lyrics, melody in tab and chords. Written for two singers
Jacqueline - Franz Ferdinand. Chords, lyrics and lots of riffs.
James Bond - the original 1960s theme. Chords and melody
Jolene - Dolly Parton? Chords and lyrics. As arranged by Apron Strings
Keep Me in Mind Sweetheart - Isobel Campbell/ Mark Lanegan. Three chords, melody, lyrics and tab
KFC- jaunty ad from the ‘80s. Two versions. Same chords, different lyrics
Killing the Blues - Robert Plant/Alison Krauss. Country style, with chords, melody and lyrics
Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer. Lyrics and chords
The Lady Don't Mind - by Talking Heads. Only 2 chords, with lyrics and riffs
Land Down Under - Men at Work. and Australian classic.
The Last Time- Early Rolling Stones. Chords, a nice riff, and melody written out for uke
Lady Madonna- Beatles. Chords, melody and lyrics. In key of A. Also in G and as solo in G which sounds
                        good on uke with bass G string
Lady Marmalade - LaBelle. Chords, lyrics and riff
Last Train to Clarkesville - The Monkees. Chords, lyrics and riff
Leave My Kitten Alone - by Little Willie John originally, then Beatles, Elvis Costello etc. Chords and lyrics
L'Échec - by Yann Tiersen. A rough approximation of the main riff. Requires retuning 1 string. 
Le Freak - by Chic. 1970s’ disco. Chords (3), lyrics, and approximation of great riff
Le Temps de l'amour - April March version. In French, with plucking here
Les Papillons - Thomas Fersen. Chords and plucking. Merely an approximation
Let it Be - the Beatles. Easy chords, tab and lyrics. Also in G
Let's Dance - David Bowie. Chords and lyrics
Light My Fire- The Doors. This version minus different last verse. Click here for simplified keyboard part
Listen my Son - The Unseen Guest
Listen to the Music - Doobie Bros. Chords and lyrics. Shorter version without tab here 
Little Brown Jug - simple arrangement, sent by Andy Knowles. In C. Chords and melody
Little Drop of Poison- Tom Waites. Chords, lyrics and tab
Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney and Wings. Chords, lyrics and a bit of tab. 
Living Doll - cheesy song by Cliff Richard. Chords and lyrics
Lone Star - by Norah Jones. Country, with chords, melody and lyrics 
Lonely Little Donkey - original instrumental by Goulash Archipelago
Long Train Running - by the Doobie Bros. Chords and lyrics.
Loro - Ambient song by Pinback
Love Generation - Bob Sinclair. Chords and lyrics
Love and Pain - By CLOR. Chords, lyrics, some tab
Love Cats - The cure. Chords and lyrics. Slightly more challenging chords here
Love Her Madly - The Doors. Chords, lyrics, some tab
Love love love - Avalanche City. Words and chords. Also here in easier key
Love Me Tender - Soppy Elvis Presley tune: chords and lyrics only
Love Me Tender - Same tune but with chords and melody tabbed, but no lyrics
Love My Way - Psychedelic Furs. Very easy tune. Chords and lyrics
Lover Come Back to Me - Hammerstein and Romberg: melody tab, chords and lyrics
Lover Come Back to Me-  Hammerstein and Romberg: melody tab, chords and lyrics, but a tone down 
                                          from the above version.
Loverman - Miles Davis: melody, chords
Love Me Do - Beatles. Tab, melody and lyrics. Or version with lyrics and chords only.
Lucille - Kenny Rogers. Chords and lyrics
Lucky Number - Lene Lovich. Two chord synth pop tune from 1979. Chords, lyrics, riff tab
Lucy in the Sky - Beatles. Chords, lyrics, intro tab. Or pdf of guitar-pro version here
Lullaby - the cliche one, by not sure which classical composer, done from memory (and I was young at the 
Lying in the Sand - cruisy 3 chord mock Hawaiian song be Hello Sailor. Chords and lyrics. Also in E major
Lydia - Fur Patrol. Lyrics and chords
Mack The Knife- kind of as done by Louis Armstrong. Simple chords, some (not all) lyrics, no key change
Mad World- Gary Jules. Chords, lyrics and piano riff. Simple chords and song
Mairi's Wedding- Trad Irish/Scottish tune. Chords, lyrics and melody tab.
Makoule - by Seliko. The basic riffs. You’ll need the mp3 off Super Guitar Soukous for it to make sense
Making Plans for Nigel - By XTC. Words, chords and little riffs 
Malaguena- simple Spanish tune. Chords and melody, easily turned into solo piece.
Mama Mia - by Abba, as requested by a student (age 7 years old). Melody, chords, lyrics.
The Man from Laramie - Corny 1950s movie theme. Chords and lyrics
Man of Constant Sorrow Combined- Soggy Bottom Boys. Chords, tab and page without tab
The Man Who Sold The World- David Bowie. Melody, lyrics and chords. Pdf with better chord diagrams.
March- Henry Purcell, as featured on Clockwork Orange
Mary Had a Little Lamb - Stevie Ray Vaughan. Intro only. Rough approximation.
Mary Jane’s Last Dance - Tom Petty. Simple chords, lyrics and simplified strum
Mas Que Nada- by Sergio Mendes. Melody and chords. Also good as a solo piece
Master Blaster - Stevie Wonder. Chords, tab and lyrics. Fun to play
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer- Beatles: uke tab melody and chords
Meditation - Jobim. Chords and melody in tab. Also solo type arrangement
Message in a Bottle - The Police. Best with low bass string. Chords, melody and lyrics
Message to Rudy- Dandy Livingstone version. In original key, A. Chords, lyrics and intro tab
Michelle - Beatles. Tab intro, chords and lyrics. Guitar Pro version here
Midnight Cowboy - by Faith No More. Chords and melody. Click here for same but with chords which include
                                melody, for solo playing.
Midnight Creeper - Eagles of Death Metal. Claw hammer style. One chord and dubious lyrics
Midnight in Moscow - Also better version in Em, plus solo version in Cm by Shireen Mohandes 
Minnie the Moocher- Cab Calloway: Chords and lyrics only
Miners Wing - Ukestan jazz instrumental
Minor Swing -Django Reinhardt. Chords and 1 verse of instrumental
Misery - Green Day. Chords and lyrics
Misirlou - Dick Dale tune as featured on Pulp Fiction
Mission Impossible- major themes tabbed for a younger student. In two parts. Easier version here
Monsieur - Thomas Fersen. Chords and plucking. Approximation only
Moonlighting -originally by Leo Sayer. This is ukulele version by Ardijah. Chords and lyrics
Mori no Komichi -by Harry Haida, from version by Shoji Suzuki and his Rhythm Aces.
Moroccan Noodles - Mediterranean food related instrumental by Jim
Move It On Over- George Thorogood. Some lyrics, melody and chords. Basic arrangement.
Mr Cab Driver - Lenny Kravitz. Chords and lyrics.
Mudfootball - Jack Johnson. Chords and lyrics
My Baby Just Cares for Me- Nina Simone version. Not in original key. Chords, melody and lyrics.
My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes-  Contribution from Vic- chords and lyrics.
My FavouriteThings- Uke tab melody, chords and lyrics.
My Love Forever More - Hillbilly Moon Explosion. Chords and lyrics.
Mysterex- The Scavengers. Early NZ punk tune. Lyrics, chords and riff
Mysterious Mose - A la Bob Brozman. Melody, chords, lyrics.
Nada -Eastern flavour, melody chords and rhythm.
Never on a Sunday- Melody, harmony, lyrics and chords.
New England - Odd we tune by Jonathan Richman. chords and lyrics.
New Shoes - Paolo Nutini. Chords and lyrics
Nickel Song- Melanie. Words, tab, chords.
A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square - Chords, melody tab and lyrics. Easier chords here
Nights in White Satin- Moody Blues. In nice key to be turned into solo. Chords, lyrics and tab
North by North - By 1980s NZ band The Bats. Chords, lyrics and an arpeggio  
Nowegian Wood - Beatles. Surprisingly easy and nice for 1 player. Chords, melody and lyrics.
Nuages- Django Reinhardt: uke tab for 2 ukes
No surprises- Radiohead, with separate chords and arpeggio.
No Milk Today - Herman’s Hermits. Chords, lyrics and tab for intro
Object- a gruesome little tune by Ween. Chords and lyrics
Octopus’ Garden- Silly Beatles song- chords and words only. Good for beginner.
Ode to Billy Joe- Very easy chords and melody line. No lyrics.
Oh Sinnerman - As done by Seekers. Very basic 2 chord song.
Okaihau Express - by Peter Cape. Chords and lyrics. Anachronistic NZ tune from the ‘60s
Oliver's Army - Elvis Costello. Nice song and sounds great on ukulele. Chords and lyrics.
One Love - Bob Marley. Very easy. Chords and lyrics.
One Note Samba- Jobim. Chords and melody in tab. Also solo type arrangement, and Graeme’s alternative
                               lyrics included at no extra cost.
Paint It Black- Rolling Stones: Chords and lyrics only
Paint It Black- Tab and chords
Paper Doll- as done by the Mills Brothers. Melody, lyrics and chords. With key and tempo changes
Pass the Dutchie - Only two chords !! By Musical Youth. With lyrics.
Peaches - politically incorrect punk tune by The Stranglers. Note: no chords - only riffs and lyrics
Pearly Shells - by Burl Ives et al. Chords and lyrics only
People are Strange - the Doors. Basic themes: chords, melody, lyrics. Good for solo playing.
Perhaps- Peggy Lee. Simple chords and lyrics
Pidmanula Pidvela - trad. Ukranian tune. Melody and chords only
Pinball Wizard- The Who. Classic guitar anthem. Chords and lyrics. Easier version without key change here. 
                        Pdf of powertab version here or check powertab midi version to get better feel       
Pipeline - surf tune by the Ventures. Best on uke with low bass G string. Chords and melody
Polyushka Polye - ska version by the Ventiators of trad Russian tune.
Play That Funky Music - ‘70s disco tune by Wild Cherry. Funky chords, nice tab and lyrics. Easier chords here
Pony - country yodel tune by Kasey Chambers. Chords and lyrics
Postcards from Italy- Beirut. Lyrics, tab, chords
Prelude and Yodel - Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Chords and cello tabbed for uke with low bass string
Primadonna - by Marina and the Diamonds. chords, lyrics and small amount of tab.
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads. Chords and lyrics (no tab)
Pulaski at Night - Andrew Bird. Strumming, plucking and vocals
Pull up to the Bumper - Grace Jones. Chords and lyrics. Nice chords. Really needs bass accompaniment
Punaise - by Thomas Fersen. Chords and lyrics
Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix. Lyrics, chords, intro and riffs.
The Push Bike Song- Novelty song by the Mixtures ( and Mongo Jerry). Chords and lyrics
Radio City - a groovy surf instrumental by Eilen Jewel. Also low G string version here
Raggle Taggle Gypsies - trad tune. Melody and chords
The Reckoning Song - Asaf Avidan. A thoughtful moody tune - chords and lyrics
Rehab - famous last words from Amy Winehouse. Chords and lyrics
Requerdo del Alhambara- Spanish guitar tune by Tarrega, simplified and for 2 players. Skeleton of solo 
                                            version here   
Rhythm of Love - Plain White Ts. Nice chords, with tab intro and lyrics
Ride a White Swan - by T Rex. In different key just for fun here (in G)
Rita May - Bob Dylan. Chords and lyrics 
Road to Nowhere - Talking heads. chords and lyrics.
Roam- B52s. Chords, lyrics and some tab. Easier version here.
Rocky Road to Dublin- Trad: chords and melody. Tricky timing though.
Rock this Town- by the Stray Cats. Chords, melody, and some lyrics. Never realised words so naff.
Roly Poly - silly 1970s’ fattist tune by Stamford Bridge
Rondo a la Turka- Mozart. Chords and melody. From solo arrangement by J Todaro
Rox in the Box - Decemberists. Chords, lyrics and tab
Ruby - Kenny Rogers. Chords and lyrics
Russian Sailors Dance Medley - great but sombre tune by Gliere. Very simplified melody and chords. Happier 
                                                    parts of medley by us. 
Sad Songs and Waltzes - Sad country waltz by Cake
Sakura- Trad: uke tab melody, for 3 ukes.
Sam Hall - trad. Irish. Lyrics, melody and chords.
Santa Baby - humorous number by Ertha Kitt. Chords, melody in tab form, and lyrics
Satisfaction- Rolling Stones: Chords and lyrics only
Seven Little Girls- (huggin’ and a kissin with Fred) very corny car related tune. Chords, lyrics and melody
Shakin' All Over - Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. Chords, lyrics, riffs (in tab)
Shame and Scandal -  Ska classic about happily dysfunctional family. Chords, melody, lyrics.
Should I stay or should I go?- The Clash. Chords and lyrics. Simple chords, trickier rhythm at times
Silent Night- Christmas Carol in a couple of parts.
Six months in a Leaky Boat - by Split Enz. chords, lyrics and wee bit of tab.
So Far Away - Tammy Nielsen. Chords,lyrics and riff.
So What- Miles Davis, original key - melody, harmony, chords. For uke- friendly key try here.
Solitary Man - Neil Diamond. chords, lyrics and melody
Something-The Beatles. Words, chords and melody. Or two page version with solo here.
Something in the Water- Brooke Fraser. Simple strummy one. Chords and lyrics
Something Stupid- Nancy and Frank Sinatra Jr. Melody, chords, lyrics. Here for uke with low G string and 
                                here for lyrics and chords only. And here for Graeme’s handwritten jazz version
Somewhere over the Rainbow - You know the one
Son of a Preacher Man- Dusty Springfield. Simple chords. Lyrics too, but no tab. Also in easier key of D
Sophie - great NZ tune by Goodshirt. Chords, lyrics, tab for solo.
Sorrow - by David Bowie. Pdf has arrangement and simple chords option
Sound 'n Vision - by David Bowie. Tab, chords and very minimal lyrics
Space Oddity- David Bowie. Lyrics and simple but interesting chords. New and improved.
Spanish Flea- simplified version of Herb Alpert number. Chords and basic melody
Spanish Harlem - Ben. E. King. Melody, chords, lyrics
Spooky - by NZ band the 3Ds. Chords, lyrics and plucking. Very doleful tune
Stairway to Heaven- Led Zep. In original key. It is not as if the world needs another version but here it is
                                  anyway, also with solo and bass
Stand by your Man- In C, with chords, melody and lyrics. Tammy  Wynette version here
Start Me Up- Rolling Stones. Chords and some lyrics
Strange Things Happen at Night - Nick Charles. Chords, lyrics, some tab
Stray Cat Strut- Rockabilly by the Stray Cats. In A minor. Words, chords and one solo, or no solo

Stop Stop Stop- by the Hollies. Lyrics (silly), 3 chords, melody
Sturgeon Fishermen - original instrumental by Goulash Archipelago
Suit - Boom! Bap! Pow!
Summer Holiday - Cliff Richard. Chords, lyrics and instrumental riff
Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams. Chords and tab
Suicide is Painless - the theme from Mash. Chords, melody and a tad of harmony. Lyric version here
Sunday Morning- Velvet Underground. Melody, chords and lyrics
Sunny Afternoon- by the Kinks. Words, melody and chords.
The Sunset is Red- tasteless country car wreck ballad. Chords, lyrics and melody
Sunday Girl- Blondie. Chords and lyrics. 
Sunshine of your Love- Cream. Tab and chords only. Guitar pro file here if wanted
Superstition - Stevie Wonder. Melody, brass and bass line (written for uke). Also in original key
Surf n' Western - original surf tune by Goulash Archipelago
Suspicious Minds - Elvis. Chords and lyrics. Version with chords closely following melody here
Swan Lake- simple version of No.9, the Finale, the one everyone knows. Solo version here.
Sway - By Bic Runga. Melody, chords and lyrics
Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond. Chords and lyrics, plus small amount of tab
Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics. Chords and lyrics. Version with instrumental tab here
Sweet George - great East European accordion instrumental by David Wells of Melbourne
Sweet Georgia Brown - from the sheet music. Chords, lyrics, melody in tab
Sweet Rose - Eilen Jewell. Chords lyrics and rough approximation of solo
Swimming Song - Loudon Wainwright. Has banjo riff, chords and lyrics
Swing 39 - Django Reinhardt. Chords, melody and harmony. A rough proximation only
Swinging Safari- Bert Kaempfert. Melody and chords in tab. Also separate harmony
Tainted Love  - Tab, chords and one verse lyrics. Also in guitar pro pdf in Em. 
Take On Me - Ah-ha. Chords and lyrics. In an easier key Here
Tango Baroquita- By JD Carey. Melody and chords
Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton. Chords and some lyrics. A good solo piece
Tears of a Clown - Smokey Robinson/The Beat. Fairly repetitive but nice tune.
Tell Her Tonight - by Franz Ferdinand. Chords, lyrics. Another version also with melody
Tequilla- Tab and chords
Tequila Sunrise- by the Eagles. Chords, lyrics and melody line. Fairly simple
There She Goes - The La’s
These Boots (are made for walking) - Nancy Sinatra: Chords, lyrics and melody. Very simple. 
These Boots (2) - Slightly more  challenging rockabilly version as by The Retrofoguetes.
Three Little Birds - Bob Marley. Chords and lyrics
Thru the Morning...- Alison Krause, Robert Plant. Chords, melody, lyrics. Fairly simple.
Throw Your Arms around Me- Hunters and Collectors. Chords, lyrics and instrumental part. Used ambient 
                                                 chords not exactly like original
Thunderstruck- loosely based on original riffs with Middle Eastern flavour
Ticket to Ride- Beatles. Original key, with easy-ish chords. Melody, chords and lyrics
Tijuana Taxi - by Herb Alpert. Chords and melody
Time after Time - Cyndi Lauper. Chords and lyrics
Time in a Bottle - Easy melody part for playing with harder chord part here and solo version
Time Is Tight-  Groovy tune by Booker T and the MG's. Two simple instrumental lines plus chords
Time to go Home - Sarah Brown. Chords, lyrics and a little tab
Tip-toe thru the Tulips - melody, chords and tab
Tonight You Belong To Me- In D, also with  harmony, and in A  and with harmony
Turban Shell Polka- Clawhammer style by Gontiti
Turning Japanese - The Vapours. Chords, lyrics and riffs. Quite tricky. Slightly easier version here
Tutira Mai- Wi Hutene. Done by every NZ school child, with lyrics and chords. Here for version wtih tab
20th Century Fox- The brassy intro, which is a bit underwhelming on uke. But here it is, for 2 ukes
24 Hours from Tulsa -  Gene Pitney. Chords and lyrics.
Ukulele Lady- As performed by Jim Kweskin. Chords, melody and lyrics
Underneath The Bunker - instrumental by REM, tangoesque. Melody and chords
Unknown Russian Tune - as done by Sookmyung Gayageum Orchestra. Melody and chords
Upside Down - Paloma Faith. Quirky 3 chord song. Jaunty as.

Valse d'Amelie - by Yann Thiersen. This is just a very vague approximation which does not do the original 
                            justice. Part written for solo playing and part for 2 players
VCR - The XX. Two chords only. Easy as.
Venus - by Shocking Blue. Chords and lyrics.
Victoria - by NZ band the Dance Exponents. Simple two note chords, lyrics, instrumental
Volare- As heard done by Dean Martin. Tricky chords but OK melody
Waiting on a Friend - Rolling Stones. Chords, lyrics.
Walk Don't Run - surf tune from somewhere deep in the recesses of memory
Walk Like an Eqyptian - Easy 1980s’ tune by the Bangles, with chords, lyrics, small amount of tab
Walkie Talkie Man- Stereogram. Really good for beginners as virtually no chords
Walking on the Moon - The Police. Chords and lyrics. Also in easier key
Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Wave. Chords and lyrics
Walking My Baby Back Home- Old swing/pop/jazz song from where and when I do not know
Wandering Star - From Paint Your Wagon. Chords and lyrics
Warning Signs - Eilen Jewell. Chords and lyrics
Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock. Riff based, 12 bar formula - melody, chords
Wedding Marches - Simple solo version, or 2 part arrangement by Baz here
Well You Needn't - Thelonius Monk - melody, chords
What a Difference a Day Makes - Uke tab melody and chords
When I'm Cleaning Windows - by Mr Formby. Original key here, another easier one here
When I'm 64 - The Beatles. Chords and lyrics only
When the Boat Comes in - trad. UK. Melody, simple chords, some lyrics.
Where Did I Go Wrong - UB 40. Chords and lyrics
Whispering - Chords and melody tab
Whispering Grass - As done by Don Estelle. Melody, lyrics and nice chords
White Ginger - Lazy ‘20s style tune by Gontiti- a rough approximation with chords and melody. Jazz chords?
White Trash Wedding - The Dixie Chicks. chords, lyrics and a little tab
White Wedding - Billy Idol. Chords lyrics, token tab. Version here has full instrumental
Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler? - from Dad’s Army. Tab, lyrics and chords
Why me? - 1920s big band sound by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (not original key)
Wicked Game - Chris Isaak. Chords, tab and lyrics
Wild Horses - Rolling Stones. Nice chords, fairly easy. Tab and lyrics.
Wildwood Flower - old timey tune. Different version uke with low bass string here
William Tell Overture - Chords & rather fast Melody
Wipe Out - Surf tune needing no explanation. Chords and instrumental line
Woo Hoo - From 1956 by the Rock-a-teens, redone for Kill Bill by the 5,6,7,8s
Wooden Heart - Elvis. Fairly simple
Yellow  - By Coldplay. All the major themes but listen to original to get complete picture
Yellowbird - A la Harry Belafonte: chords and tab for melody and simple harmony. Version with lyrics
You Always Hurt The One You Love  - The Mills Brothers. Version with chords that follow melody here
You Make the Whole World Smile- Red Nose Day song for kids. Chords and lyrics only, for those who already 
                                                        know the song.
You Never Give Me Your Money - Beatles. Lovely chords, plus lyrics and tab
Young Girl - by Gary Puckett. Chords, lyrics and slightly dodgy sentiment.
Your Cheatin’ Heart - Marty Robbins: Chords and lyrics only
You're in My Heart - Rod Stewart, chords, melody only. Version with lyrics but no melody here
You're No Good - Linda Ronstadt. Chords, lyrics and a bit of tab
Ziggy Stardust - by David Bowie. Melody, lyrics and chords. Lyrics a bit too psychedelic